2019 Red Ribbon Week Official Theme

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2019 Red Ribbon Week Official Theme

Red Ribbon Week, held every year between October 23th and 31st, is a social event designed to draw awareness to the dangers of drug addiction. Show your pride in living a drug-free lifestyle and encourage others to make the same choices with these promo items that help raise awareness!

Red Ribbon Week events vary from one area to another, but anybody anywhere can purchase all types of Red Ribbon Week merchandise to showcase their pride and raise awareness.

We offer a variety of Red Ribbon Week products, with customization options available.  You can choose any number of fashion accessories or everyday use items, from lollipops to locker magnets and much more. Some of the most common accessories that shoppers love to get to show their Red Ribbon Week pride include red ribbons, stickers, or bracelets.

Other Red Ribbon Week promotional items include posters and balloons to decorate an outside venue or event in order to better spread awareness. Items like drawstring backsack bags, lanyards and cups help people show their support with a useful promo item they are more likely to use on a daily basis.

We offer everything that teachers and other educators need to prepare for the week and motivate their students to embrace a drug-free lifestyle. Posters, bookmarks, banners, commitment certificates, stickers, dog tags, earbuds and much more are available to help kids learn about the message of Red Ribbon Week and to make the commitment to avoiding dependence on drugs and alcohol.

All types of other drug abuse prevention education and Red Ribbon Week software options and teaching aids are available as well, providing educators with the materials they need for their specific classroom environment and age groups.

At NIMCO, Inc., we are dedicated to providing positive messages about health, safety and the importance of character building. We’re pleased and proud to offer a large selection of fun and functional Red Ribbon Week promo items that will help today’s students learn about the importance of a drug-free America.