Alcohol Simulation Program Kit

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Alcohol Simulation Program Kit has the tools you need for simulating impairment at five distinct BAC levels, and will help you deliver a memorable experience about the misuse and abuse of alcohol.

The Program kit includes five Fatal Vision® Alcohol Simulation Goggles to demonstrate the effects of alcohol impairment at five estimated blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. Follow the evidence-based program and user guide to engage participants in a hands-on demonstration. The demonstration will allow them to experience with a sober mind the simulated physical and cognitive impairments of alcohol, including slowed reaction time, reduced peripheral vision, and loss of equilibrium. This experience will help participants realize how susceptible they are to the potentially dangerous consequences of alcohol impairment when driving, and even while walking.


5 – Fatal Vision Goggles with cleaning cloth bags
1 – Backpack
1 – Germicidal Wipes
1 – “Walk the Line” Tape
1 – TVL® Lens Combo Pack
1 – Fatal Vision Evidence-Based Program Support Materials

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