Binge Drinking Blowout (Grades 9-12) DVD

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Binge Drinking Blowout (Grades 9-12) DVD is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


This no-use message documentary focuses on the ugly and catastrophic consequences to young adults of deliberate excessive drinking.  In sincere testimonials students share their partying-out-of-control real experiences like blackouts, violence, date rape encounters, and alcoholic poisoning while friends and families of binge drinking victims of drunk driving crashes and the unintentional lethal mixing of drugs with alcohol show us the heavy price they paid.  Binge Drinking Blowout promotes the understanding that alcoholic socialization, or partying, can have serious results.  Two versions available: Grades 9-12 or College


Click Here for Binge Drinking Blowout College Version (NIM-162-5-DVDW).

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