BioQuest Simulated Smoker’s Lung Demonstration Kit (Complete Kit)

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BioQuest® Simulated Smoker’s Lung kit is great for Great American Smoke-Out or Red Ribbon Week


The inflatable swine lungs have been stained realistically and then specifically preserved by the BioFlex odorless, nontoxic process that retains the texture and elasticity of fresh lungs.  The lungs dramatically and unforgettably demonstrate the effects of prolonged smoking.  A palpable simulated internal tumor and a physical simulated external tumor encourage students to feel the texture of the lungs, and to remember that smoking is a known cause of lung cancer.  The Simulated Smoker’s Lungs can be used with the Inflatable Lungs Kit.  The kit includes: a Teacher’s Guide,  a Pamphlet,  an Inflation rack and tray,  Air pump,  a Dried section of unstained lung,  and a Pair of simulated smoker’s lungs.  Grade 6-Adult


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