Body Connections CD-ROM (Lab Pack of 10)

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****Important Information About Running This Software On Newer Operating Systems****

Macromedia Projector is not compatible with Vista. In order to run the program, you need to set the Compatibility to a previous version of Windows. In Explorer, find the main EXE file on the CD-ROM which runs the anatomy program. Right-click the EXE file and choose Properties from the context menu. The Properties dialogue will appear. Choose the Compatibility Tab.
Check the checkbox in Compatibility Mode, for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose and earlier version of Windows – Windows 98 would be a good one to try. Then click OK to save the changes. Now double-click the EXE file, to launch the program. Once you have set the Compatibility, Windows Vista should "remember" to run the program in compatibility mode, so hopefully you only need to do this once.


This CD takes students on a wonder-filled, interactive tour through eleven different body systems to introduce them to the way each work * With the help of advanced computer graphics and colorful, entertaining animation, users can explore and even listen to functioning parts: Human Skeletal System * Muscular System * Digestive System * Circulatory System * Nervous System * Immune System * Endocrine System * Urinary System * Reproductive System * Integumentary System * Respiratory System * Through each close-up tour of a body system, users get practical information about the kind of health behaviors that ensure the body system’s well-being * An expertly written facilitator’s guide provides you with additional classroom activities & games that further increase retention * Also included are tests you can customize to suit your individual needs * Grades K & up This CD-Rom is compatible with Windows XP or earlier and Mac OS or earlier (not compatible with Inter-based Macintosh computers)

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