Heroin Rising: Cheap, Addictive and Deadly DVD

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Heroin Rising: Cheap, Addictive and Deadly DVD will grab students attention for a Drug Prevention Program or Red Ribbon Week


Heroin is a highly addictive opiate with a large potential for abuse. It is a danger to teens, resulting in serious psychological, social, educational and legal consequences. This program interviews recovering teen heroin addicts to tell their cautionary stories…When, how and why did they start taking heroin?. What damage did it do to their bodies and lives?. How hard is it to stay clean? How many friends have OD'd on heroin? Drug abuse counselors add their advice and guidance on how to avoid this deadly drug. Includes: 19 Min. DVD • Teacher’s resource book • Student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format • Grades 7-Adult • © 2014

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