Marijuana Simulation Starter Kit

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Demonstrate how impairment from recreational marijuana use can impact a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle.

This introductory kit includes three (3) activities that demonstrate why driving under the influence of recreational marijuana/THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is dangerous.

Modeled Impairments-Loss of short-term memory, executive function, altered visual perception, and slight loss of motor coordination.

(Goggles are only effective with the activities in the kit. Therefore, they are not sold separately)

Experience – Marijuana affects the brain differently than alcohol, and the Fatal Vision® Marijuana/THC Goggles reflect that difference.


  • Offers a safe and effortless way to demonstrate impairment from recreational marijuana/THC
  • It can be easily tailored for use with participants of all ages, including middle schoolers to adults
  • Instructional materials prepare instructors to deliver an engaging and relevant demonstration
  • Activities are structured to address how distorted perception and response mimic impaired behaviors that may occur while under the influence of marijuana/THC
  • Marijuana simulation goggles were developed working with Drug Recognition Experts


1 – Fatal Vision Marijuana/THC Goggles with cloth protective bag
1 – Germicidal disposable wipes (50/pack)
12 – Activity Balls with 3 fabric boxes
1 – Executive function dry erase maze boards and markers kit
1 – 4-In-A-Row Memory Challenge
1 – User Guide

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