Multi-Torso: Three-In-One Configuration

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55 dissected structures, 33 detachable parts • The FULL-SIZE Multi-Torso is: Multipurpose: you get complete musculature on one side, and skin and surface topography on the other. • Multifaceted: you get 11 LIFE-SIZE organ systems: Skin – Skeletal – Muscular – Nervous and Sense Organs – Respiratory – Cardiovascular – Lymphatic – Digestive – Urinary – Endocrine – Reproductive. • Multidimensional: with 5 interchangeable pelvic inserts – genderless, male, non pregnant female, or pregnant female in the 1st or 3rd trimesters – you get 5 different torso models rolled into one • Multifarious: you can design your own configuration to meet your own specific requirements • Multidisciplinary: should your needs change after your initial purchase, you can purchase additional inserts at a later date – our competition does not allow that • Furnished with three sets of interchangeable reproductive inserts, this comprehensive configuration includes: Male • Non-pregnant Female with Mammary Gland • 1st Trimester Pregnancy

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