Second Chance: A School Based Substance Abuse-Intervention and Education Curriculum – DVD & CD-ROM

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Second Chances: A School Based Substance Abuse Curriculum is a great tool for Red Ribbon Week or Recovery Program


A program of recovery for those who have used, abused, or become addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both * Provides activities that enhance self-esteem and develop social skills, honesty, and responsible behavior * Second Chance is a method of implementing and maintaining an adolescent school-based program of recovery * Develops an understanding of: * Why drugs or alcohol are used * What substance use did to them * How it failed them * Why they need to abstain * and What’s needed to maintain total abstinence * Based on such proven programs as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and others * The Second Chance Curriculum is adapted from the winning AA formula of the 12-step program, (with 65 years of proven effectiveness) * Grades Jr. High-Adult * Curriculum includes: 2 Complete Curriculum: 1. Teacher’s Guide 2. Student Book, Addiction and It’s Process CD-ROM, & 2 DVDs 1. Crystal Clear: The Truth About Drugs and Silver Lining: Four Genuine Role Models

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