Ten Bad Things You Didn’t Know About Smoking & Tobacco (DVD)

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Ten Bad Things You Didn’t Know About Smoking & Tobacco DVD is a great Tobacco Prevention program for Great American Smoke-Out or Red Ribbon Week


Kids know that tobacco use is harmful to their health, but they are stuck in the mindset that nothing bad will happen to them * This program, among our numerous vaping and tobacco prevention products, offers teens ten reasons to change that dangerous mindset:
 (1) Today’s cigarettes are more lethal than ever before
 (2) Nicotine is as addictive as cocaine and heroin
 (3) Smoking causes type-2 diabetes
 (4) Smoking causes eye disease and blindness
 (5) Smoking hurts your chances of having a healthy baby
 (6) Chew tobacco is as bad as smoking
 (7) Second and third-hand smoke kills
 (8) Tobacco causes serious environmental damage
 (9) Smoking damages the immune system
(10) Why e-cigarettes are not the answer
Includes: 17 Min. DVD, Teacher’s resource book, Student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format * Grades 7-Adult * © 2015
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