The Complete Abusive Relationships, Escaping the Cycle DVD Series

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The Complete Abusive Relationships, Escaping the Cycle DVD Series covers several topics great for a Violence or Bullying Prevention Program


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What is Abuse?: Vol. 1 (NIM-144-26-DVDW) – Teens often choose to keep silent about abuse because of the transferring of control from their parents to a love interest and being afraid an adult will stop the relationship.  Covers forms of abuse such as: Date rape, Intimidation, Teasing, and Sexist remarks.  Physical blows in retaliation and gives clear guidelines for recognizing abusive behaviors within a young adults' love relationship.


Who's Responsible for the Violence?: Vol. 2 (NIM-144-27-DVDW) – Guidelines are presented on how to seek help to preserve the relationship, including: Making a plan and sticking to it,  Help from school counselors and  Anger management classes.  Self-help programs such as AA and personal boundaries of what will be acceptable behavior to continue the relationship.


What's a Friend or Parent to Do?: Vol. 3 (NIM-144-28-DVDW) – Few things are more painful for a parent than to watch their child make dangerous choices.  It is important to take a battering relationship seriously and: Do not abandon or reject your child,  Show your concern,  Do not lecture and  Listen well even when it hurts.


Ending the Relationship: Vol. 4 (NIM-144-29-DVDW) – Ending an abusive relationship can be a difficult decision and information for both teen boys and girls is presented including:  Financial considerations,  Insecurity in finding another relationship,  Peer pressure, and Fear of loss of reputation.  Finding an objective individual who will listen to the young adult is strongly advised.


Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem: Vol. 5 (NIM-144-30-DVDW) – Rebuilding self-esteem starts with learning to let go of self-blame by removing old negative mental tapes.  The teen learns to deal with life on a daily basis, and take credit for the positive things they do. It takes time to replace negative thinking with positive thinking after an abusive relationship.


Self-Care: Vol. 6 (NIM-144-31-DVD) – Information is presented on how young adults can start to realize their own potential by: Making lists of positive aspects of themselves and what they did right today. Pampering themselves with good self-care and learning to make their own rules to be safe and maintain a positive self-esteem.


The New Romance: Vol. 7 (NIM-144-32-DVDW) – Presents methods of making acquaintances which can be cultivated into new friend relationships.  Deals with: Manipulation to get needs met,  Nurturing each other, Listening, and Fear of being labeled a loser.  Sharing and compromise in conflicts .Building self-esteem.  Diminishing the chances of abuse and battering and Learning to risk again in love

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