The Skin DVD

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Informational DVD that covers how The Skin works with our body.  The DVD will discuss how the largest organ regulates our body’s temperature and other important functions.

This will work great for your Anatomy or Healthcare class.

What a great way to get your students eager to learn more.

The Skin DVD

About this product:

By means the Skin is a  sensitive nerve network spread everywhere across  the skin and concentrated particularly the following:

hands, an important organ of sense;

by means of the fingerprint, an unmistakable stamp of the individual;

the body’s first line of defense against invaders from outside; regulator of body temperature.

This program examines the varied tasks performed routinely by the body’s largest organ.

Jr High – Adults

28 minutes


This DVD is also apart of a Complete Series of 39 different titles ( FFH-4154-DVD )

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