What’s Wrong With Nicotine? (DVD)

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What's Wrong with Nicotine DVD is a great Tobacco Prevention program for Great American Smoke-Out or Red Ribbon Week


Nicotine is a drug!  Exposes the power of nicotine addiction with information that high school students will find tough to ignore.  Students who were lured into smoking with friends because they thought it was "cool" are featured.  They have since learned otherwise, and are now anxious to share their new understanding of nicotine addiction with their peers.  Students in a smoking cessation class add their horror stories about nicotine addiction and how they were surprised how quickly they were "hooked".  A psychiatrist describes the physiological effects of nicotine on the brain, "The voice in your head telling you to smoke… that's the craving, the addiction.  Your brain physically changes. It needs the drug to feel okay."  No one plans on nicotine addiction, yet millions pay the consequences for smoking.  Teaches students who are at risk because of their innocence.  DVD with Presenter's Resource Guidebook.  Grades 9-12

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