Black History Month Collection
Honor and celebrate the critical achievements and lives of African-American leaders with Black History Month products and supplies from NIMCO. Our Black History Month collection includes an array of promotional items such as banners, backpacks, books, bracelets, and shirts. Our Black History Month merchandise is thoughtfully created to support and uplift the educational information shared about Black History and its monumental impact on the United States as a whole.
Browse all of our Black History Month merchandise below. We have items that will work for classrooms, businesses, and many other organizations. For more personalized promotions, view our custom promotional products & customized apparel.

Find Black History Month Decorations and Products

For decades, our nation has recognized the importance of Black history with a special time to celebrate and contemplate the struggles, achievements and aspirations of African Americans. You can join in observing this crucial celebration with Black History Month decorations and products from NIMCO. Customize our Black History Month items to show your support across your school or organization. Our Black history decorations include a full range of banners with pre-designed templates, while our promotional items cover popular lines like backpacks, shirts and hand sanitizer. Shop Black History Month products from NIMCO today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black History Month Products

Read the most common questions about our Black History Month products below. Need more answers? Check out our full FAQ page.

How Do I Place an Order for Black History Month Items?

You can always order our Black History Month promotional items online or use the order form at the back of our catalog to purchase by fax or mail.

Can I Buy Black History Month Products in Bulk?

As with all our items, our Black History Month products are available for bulk purchase. Buying in bulk ensures you get the products you need at the best price.

When Will My Black History Decorations Ship?

We generally ship products, including black history decorations, within one or two business days of receiving your purchase. If some items are back-ordered, we’ll hold your shipment for up to two weeks, waiting for the back-ordered items to arrive. If they haven’t, we’ll ship and bill your partial order. Once the back-ordered items are available, we’ll send and bill those as well. See our Shipping & Returns page for complete details.

Design and Buy Black History Month Products & Decorations Now at NIMCO

We have a fantastic selection of Black History Month decorations and products available for purchase. Buy the Black History Month promotional items you need to observe this special time of year and make sure to contact us with any questions you may have.

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