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Looking for low-cost, quality-made Red Ribbon Week promotionals to publicize your support for drug and alcohol prevention? NIMCO, Inc. carries a wide range of Red Ribbon Week materials and promotional items to simplify your shopping experience and bring Red Ribbon Week to your school or community. With hundreds of fun and educational Red Ribbon Week products, NIMCO, Inc. is your one-stop shop to spread awareness this year.

Red Ribbon Week Promotionals for 2023

Red Ribbon Week is an important time of year where parents, guardians, community members and educators all around the nation focus intently on teaching children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. From October 23rd to 31st, Red Ribbon Week promotionals aid in the campaign by encouraging children to learn about the dangers of drug abuse. To celebrate your week of education, pick up some Red Ribbon Week materials and products to help get your message across in fun and engaging ways.

From Red Ribbon Week t-shirts to drug prevention merchandise like backpacks, banners, masks and teaching aids, our Red Ribbon Week products are designed to make a visual impact in your school or community to generate awareness and reinforce drug prevention messages. Make this Red Ribbon Week the most memorable and educational yet with Red Ribbon Week promotionals from NIMCO.

Make a True Impact On Your Community This 2023

Red Ribbon Week is a special time of year for families and communities nationwide. If you know anything about the history of Red Ribbon Week, you understand its significance to those affected by the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol. That's why we carry far more than just red ribbons for Red Ribbon Weekour selection of promotionals and Red Ribbon Week materials is comprehensive, so you can make the most impact in your community this year.

Red Ribbon Week promotionals come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the materials that will resonate with the children of your community. And with our customization options, your Red Ribbon Week materials can make a true, lasting impression on those who need the most guidance. All of our Red Ribbon products are affordable and made to last, so once your week is over, your children will still receive the message.

Red Ribbon Week Promotionals To Spark Kindness & Empathy

This year, the Red Ribbon Week official theme is “Be Kind To Your Mind. Live Drug Free.” It's a simple message that exudes extreme kindness, love and support for those struggling. Together, we stand strong as a united front, extending our hands to uplift those in need.

In this year's Red Ribbon Week promotionals, we proudly showcase this incredible message, empowering schools and communities to do more than just spread the word. We aim to ignite meaningful conversations about drug-related issues, creating safe spaces for understanding and growth.

Speaking to children about drug prevention can be a daunting task. Still, through the power of Red Ribbon Week materials, we spark curiosity and facilitate authentic dialogues in the most natural way possible. Red Ribbon Week products build a profound sense of belonging among all participants, cultivating an environment where support and understanding thrive. Together, we can inspire hope, nurture dreams and pave the way for a brighter, drug-free future. This Red Ribbon Week, let kindness lead the way as we cherish every individual's worth and rise above adversity.

Learn More About Red Ribbon Week

If you'd like to learn more about Red Ribbon Week, check out this short video explaining it's history.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Ribbon Week Promotionals

If you have any questions about our Red Ribbon Week promotionals, materials or products, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

When Is Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week takes place every year from October 23rd to the 31st.

Do You Carry Official Red Ribbon Week Promotionals?

Since 2005, NIMCO has been the official supplier of Red Ribbon Week promotionals for communities all over the U.S. We've also helped provide materials for hundreds of other campaigns to aid the fight against drugs and alcohol. With our experience and reputation, NIMCO is your best option for affordable Red Ribbon Week materials your children will love.

Can I Get Red Ribbon Week Promotionals for My Whole School or Community?

At NIMCO, we offer all of our Red Ribbon Week promotionals in bulk orders to supply all the children in your city or town. We don't just want to help one child; we want to help them all. If you're a school administrator or a community leader looking to spread the message of drug awareness, buying Red Ribbon Week theme products in bulk is affordable and easy.

What Types of Red Ribbon Week Products Can I Buy?

Our selection of Red Ribbon Week products is extensive for a reason. We know not all children are alike, so we offer an extensive range of Red Ribbon Week products for you to choose from. From school supplies to toys and fun gadgets, you can find Red Ribbon Week materials to encourage students to keep spreading awareness after the week is over.

Make NIMCO Your Supplier of Red Ribbon Week Promotionals

NIMCO is the official supplier of Red Ribbon Week promotionals for the entire country, so you know we take our fight against drugs and alcohol seriously. That means supplying you with high-quality Red Ribbon Week materials with a strong message you know will last. Keep your children on the right path towards a drug-free life and help them see the dangers of drugs and alcohol with Red Ribbon Week products today. If you have any questions about how you can order our Red Ribbon Week promotionals, feel free to contact us immediately. Our dedicated team is always happy to help.

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