Red Ribbon Week is held every year on October 23-31. Make it known that you are proud to be DRUG-FREE by wearing red ribbons, stickers, bracelets, or any of our other great Drug Prevention customizable promotional items.  Nimco Inc. is your resource for all the materials you need to plan for Red Ribbon Week including the official Red Ribbon Week theme. We also offer many other educational products such as displays, posters, curriculums and DVD’s. Need more infomation on ideas to promote your Red Ribbon Week? See our sponsored website at

Red Ribbon Week is for children who are in grades 5 to 12. Because many children are exposed to drugs, tobacco and alcohol at young ages, it’s important to begin teaching them early about the dangers of substance abuse. We offer a variety of drug prevention products that are ideal for use in an elementary school or middle school setting.

Red Ribbon Week raises awareness about the many dangers of abusing drugs and alcohol. The opioid addiction epidemic is a frequent topic in the news, and many students try illegal substances because they do not realize how dangerous they can be. Drug use is often portrayed as something that is fun and glamorous in the media, but Red Ribbon Week helps teach students the truth about drug use and how to say no to drugs.

Red Ribbon Week not only helps kids make their own commitment to staying clean, but also teaches students about what they can do if they are confronted with peer pressure that encourages them to make irresponsible decisions — after all, one of the reasons that many students use drugs is because they feel pressured to by friends. They want to fit in with their peers, and they are willing to do anything that they can to be popular. Red Ribbon Week teaches effective strategies that can help young people deal with peer pressure, helping students realize that they do not have to use drugs, tobacco and alcohol to be cool and accepted.

Red Ribbon Week dispels the myths surrounding drug use. Most people who are addicted to drugs never imagined that they would become addicted, but it is important to remember that anyone can become an addict — rich or poor, old or young, female or male. That’s why it’s important to share the stories of real life drug addicts so that kids can see the tragic consequences that can happen as a result of drug use, not only for the addict but also for his or her family.

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