Alcohol abuse is hazardous in many ways, as well as being addictive. Alcohol can interfere with response times and make driving a lot more perilous. It can impact health significantly as well, such as liver problems.


Because of peer pressure, young people frequently feel like they have no option but to participate in detrimental alcohol consumption. But once a young person starts down the path to alcohol dependence, it is difficult to turn back — making effective alcohol abuse prevention and education that much more important.


Fortunately, there are various alcohol prevention products that can assist teenagers and children alike in learning about the dangers of underage drinking, binge drinking, substance abuse and more. NIMCO carries a selection that’s ideal for a range of age groups so you can reach students before they partake in dangerous behavior.


We offer a wide variety of educational materials designed to warn kids and teens about binge drinking, alcoholism, substance abuse and alcohol use in general. There are banners that can communicate the hazards of alcohol use, as well as pamphlets that can spread the word about the many risks of alcohol abuse. Other product types that are available are books, posters, kits, games, predesigned and customizable T-shirts, DVDs and even coloring books.


Browse our selection of displays, kits, activities and much more for all the substance abuse prevention products you need to help kids and teens avoid the pitfalls of alcohol use and substance abuse.