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Find the best selection of affordable and effective alcohol prevention promotionals at NIMCO, INC. From informative alcohol prevention banners and alcohol education lesson plans to engaging alcohol awareness books and displays, our trusted selection of alcohol prevention supplies and awareness promotionals will help you deliver your critical alcohol awareness messages in a natural, easy-to-internalize manner. Browse our entire collection of alcohol prevention promotionals below.

Red Ribbon Alcohol Prevention Supplies

Whether you're looking to make your Red Ribbon alcohol demonstration a smash hit or just looking to educate your community, our alcohol prevention promotionals are helpful tools to help kids and adults find the right path in life.

Alcohol prevention promotionals are the perfect teaching tools for any scenario. With heavy, visually impactful designs and knowledgeable information, our line of alcohol prevention supplies can help communities and schools promote the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction.

Whether you're looking for an educational book that presents the facts to your children or you want to hand out T-shirts and bookbags that display a positive message, alcohol prevention supplies are an excellent way to keep your community in the know about the dangers of alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Awareness Promotionals

Have some questions about our alcohol awareness promotionals? Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

Do You Have Alcohol Prevention Supplies for Alcohol Awareness Month?

April is the official month for alcohol awareness. Our alcohol prevention promotionals are perfect to spread the word about this critical time of the year.

Teen drinking is a common obstacle everyone must combat, no matter what community you're from, so keeping your schools and communities knowledgeable about the damage it can cause is more important than ever. Everyone has the chance to join in the fight against alcohol abuse – finding the perfect alcohol awareness promotional can be your chance to make a difference.

What Is the Significance of Red Ribbon Alcohol Prevention Promotionals?

Red Ribbon Week is another important time of year in the fight against alcohol. Every October, schools and communities come together for this special event to teach children important messages regarding alcohol abuse.

Our Red Ribbon alcohol prevention promotionals make your presentations more engaging than ever and make a real difference in the lives of your community. Talking about alcohol abuse is one thing. Having facts and knowledge presented through visual representations is even more effective. With informational posters, interactive games and more, your Red Ribbon alcohol prevention week can be a smash hit.

What Types of Alcohol Awareness Promotionals Do You Carry?

We carry everything from DVDs to displays and banners that convey the important message of staying away from alcohol. Our alcohol awareness promotionals also include a massive selection of stickers, bracelets, popup phone grippers and more so kids can carry the message with them wherever they go.

Alcohol prevention promotionals are a great way to keep kids informed and reminded of the dangers alcohol can cause.

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Here at NIMCO, we care deeply about the lives of children and adults everywhere. That's why we take the fight against alcohol abuse seriously with all of our alcohol awareness promotionals. We hope to shed light on the dangers alcohol abuse can have to our nation's youth – but we need your help. Please take a look at our entire selection of alcohol prevention promotionals, and join the good fight today. Not to mention, we offer items for all types of special events and campaigns so you can be prepared to fight all the problems facing your community. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to check out our detailed FAQ page for more information. Or, you can always contact us. We're always standing by, ready to assist.

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