NIMCO Fundraising

NIMCO Fundraising

Easiest Fundraiser Ever! We Do Most of the Work!

Let us create a website to sell apparel with your school or business logo. We will handle almost everything.


What We Will Do:

  • Work with you to create a design & set prices
  • Build a website for purchases to be made on
  • Send you flyers to place around your school or business
  • Collect all payments via credit card or paypal
  • Handle any customer inquiries regarding orders
  • Ship items to you for distribution, or ship directly to the purchaser
  • Send check to you for your portion of sales

Cost: $25 plus 2.5% of total sales (to cover the credit card fees)

Call Belynda today for more information (800-962-6662 ext 128) or email her at



NIMCO, Inc. • 102 State Route 81 N. Calhoun, KY 42327 • 1-800-962-6662

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