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Explore our wide selection of promotional products. Whether you’re looking for anti-drug bracelets, pencils, coloring books, cups, or many other awareness prevention products in between, we’ve got the promotional products and apparel you need to make your prevention awareness messaging engaging and memorable. We also specialize in providing our customers with wide variety of promotional product ideas, including customizable promotional banners or custom apparel that fit their brand and purpose.

Find Drug-Free Promotional Items That Can Make a Difference

Make a difference in your schools and communities with drug-free promotionals today. At NIMCO, we carry a wide variety of drug-free promotional items that can make a splash in fun and engaging ways.

Designed to be visually engaging and packed with tons of valuable educational information, drug-free promotionals are an excellent resource available to anyone who cares deeply about the future of the nation's youth. The prevalence of drugs in today's society is shocking – sadly, that's just a reality of life. Rather than hope for the best, take the chance to educate your children and community with drug prevention promotionals that will stick with them throughout their lives.

We can all make a difference and help keep our communities safe with the right message. View our entire selection of drug prevention promotional items today to find the best fit for your educational purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Prevention Promotional Products

Do you have any questions about our drug prevention promotional products? Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What Are Red Promotional Items?

Red Ribbon Week is a special week in October when community members come together to educate the public about living a drug-free lifestyle. Our red promotional items are the perfect materials to educate children and adults in schools and neighborhoods on the proper ways to stand against drugs during this important week. But Red Ribbon Week isn't the only time you can find drug prevention promotional items.

We offer our materials year-round, so your kids can always have their drug-free reminders on hand to continuously make the right choices in life.

Can I Buy Drug-Free Promotional Products In Bulk?

All of our drug-free promotionals are available in single order or bulk deliveries so you can shop the best deals for you. Whether you need some drug prevention promotional products to teach your kids individually or need enough materials to hand out to your entire school, we at NIMCO can help you in your educational endeavors. Request a catalog today so you can find the best drug prevention promotional items you know you're students, and community members will all love.

How Can Drug Prevention Promotionals Help My Community?

Drug prevention promotionals aren't just about handing out items to the community; they're about spreading the message that drugs can cause serious trouble. Not only are we keeping young people aware of the dangers of drugs, but we're also educating them on specifics they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Our drug prevention promotionals are backed up by facts and experience, so children, teens and adults can know the true dangers of drugs. And, with drug-free promotional products such as toys, T-shirts, book bags and bookmarks, the community will have a lasting message to carry with them every day

Shop NIMCO for Drug-Free Promotional Items Today

There's always a chance to educate your community, schools and neighborhood with drug prevention promotionals. At NIMCO, we're deeply invested in helping parents and teachers foster a community of kindness and personal responsibility, which is why we approach all of our drug-free promotional items with delicacy and care.

Whether you need some help presenting the dangers of drug abuse to your audience or simply want to hand out some friendly reminders to stay drug-free, our drug prevention promotional products are the best answer to stopping a problem before it starts.

If you have any questions about our products and how you can order them, feel free to contact us or check out our detailed FAQ page. Here at NIMCO, we handle campaigns of all types. Check out our special events page for products that help your specific cause. Together, we can make a difference.

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