Young people are often introduced to, and enticed by, tobacco use through environmental factors such as family members and friends who smoke. It’s easier to teach students how tobacco use harms health is easier when you have useful information and interactive materials readily available! Filling a child’s learning environment with examples of how tobacco addiction becomes harmful is a powerful way to curb early interest in cigarettes and smoking.  We offer extremely useful and vibrant teaching aids that illustrate just how harmful things like cigarettes and other types of tobacco use can be. Along with these public health and prevention materials, we offer tools that help young people understand that avoiding tobacco addiction is absolutely possible. Our products encourage self-awareness, recognition of dangerous influences, and how to use positive peer involvement when encountering the opportunity to form harmful health habits.  Some of the tobacco prevention items we carry are very useful for motivational speakers in addressing younger audiences such as kids and teens. They include vibrantly illustrated pamphlets and diagrams that add substance to group talks. Other items are essential when helping young people to fill their personal environment with reminders about the dangers of choosing to form habits like tobacco use.All of our tobacco prevention teaching materials are designed to do one thing: They relay the message that smoking and tobacco use is not a good choice when trying to live a healthy, successful life. This message needs to be heard loud and clear.

Our educational and motivational materials powerfully spread the truth about tobacco use and this entirely preventable addiction.