What is Character Building, and Why Is It Important?

Character building is important for forming positive, healthy views of ourselves and others. It’s knowing what’s right and wrong and choosing the best decisions based on moral reasoning. Someone with a good character is kind, patient, honest, courageous, and responsible — the kind of virtuous person that can make a positive impact on the world.

Character building products and activities help kids learn important concepts about manners and morals, as well as how to be more compassionate to both friends and strangers. Someone who has spent time consciously developing their character is more likely to avoid making immoral mistakes and more likely to know how to rectify those mistakes when they do happen.

The best way to build character is to start when kids are young. The idea is to instill positive traits in their developing years, so it almost becomes second nature as they get older. Teaching them proper social behavior now not only helps students to make friends when they meet new people, but also helps them to choose the right friends for healthy relationships — thus helping to eliminate unnecessary negative influences in their lives.

What Can Help Build Character?

We’re often told that the best way to build character is to practice making good choices every day. While you can’t argue that it’s an effective way to instill good character traits, you will need more than just that when you’re working with children. Young students need to learn the pillars of character to begin with.

Character building materials can be important tools for teaching what’s right and wrong, what’s a good choice, and what’s not. A child doesn’t always know the consequences of a bad decision, so these character building games, books DVDs, software and more help kids learn tough lessons in a safe way.

Character Building Materials that Engage Kids

Children are eager to learn new things, but they can also become bored, so they’ll need fun, creative activities or lesson plans that promote good character building. Some ways to help teach character building for a child are:

  • Books that are fun to read and can promote one or more good character traits are powerful character-building tools because they teach through stories. They can read or hear the story about what fairness is, how to respect your parents, or even what it means to cooperate. These stories will present each concept in a way that is age appropriate for them, with characters the kids can empathize with. You can also use educational books that teach them via workbooks and worksheets. This will help you figure out where they might need more help in getting the lesson objective.
  • Board games: What child doesn’t like to play games? Using a fun game that helps teach good character is a great way to help young children learn. Plus, it will develop good social skills as they work to play nicely with other people.
  • Videos: Children love to watch videos, and our character building videos help instill moral lessons such as the proper way to handle problems or bad situations that may come up in life. A video is a safe way to show kids proper ways of handling their strong emotions, or how to deal with other negative situations. Works great with games and books too!
  • Posters are an effective tool to use when reminding children of some positive quote, trait, or action to take in a bad situation. They may learn it today, but weeks later, they could forget the lesson. A poster will help keep it in the forefront of their mind as they glance at it, periodically, throughout the day.

Any of these educational materials can also provide a springboard for discussion about what is the moral thing to do in any given situation.

The Need for a Character Building Curriculum

Too many people today have somehow become lost in their moral reasoning. While many factors contribute to the problem, there are actions we can take right here and now. If we take the time to add this type of curriculum into our schools, we can provide solid moral instruction for kids while they are young enough for it to take hold. Like the famous Proverb says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Promoting good virtuous behavior while young minds are developing can influence them down the line when a bad situation comes up. The more we instill the concept of good behavior, the more likely they’ll pick it up and remember it. If kids learn positive traits such as respect for others, they can make a good choice by refraining from making bad choices.

Building character will start with learning what good traits one should have, and it continues when you teach kids what to do in specific situations. Our character building games, books, videos and other materials give you an effective framework for doing just that. Shop with us today!