Top Promotional Products for Kindness Week

Sometimes, the smallest gestures make the biggest differences in a person’s day. That’s the philosophy behind Random Acts of Kindness Week, the unofficial holiday celebrated worldwide from February 14th to the 20th. Being kind is easy for some, while others may need a small reminder from time to time. One way to offer that reminder during this special time of year is by using Random Acts of Kindness promotional products and merchandise. This article will focus on the top promotional products for Kindness Week 2023 that can go a long way toward spreading joy.

Celebrate your week of joy and positivity with promotional products for Kindness Week that reinforce the idea of being kind for kindness’ sake.

1. Acts of Kindness Shirts

Random Acts of Kindness shirts are a great way to show your support and spread awareness about the purpose behind the week. Children and adults alike can sport kindness shirts that spread a message of love to everyone on the street, in the office or at school.

2. Acts of Kindness Pop-Up Phone Grippers

Our cell phones have become a necessity – they’re one of the few things most people have on them nearly all hours of the day. Random Acts of Kindness pop-up phone grippers are one of our favorite promotional products for Kindness Week for this very reason. Not only are they a fun and convenient way to keep your phone safe in your hands, but they also serve as a reminder to perform a kind gesture that can make someone’s day — every time you take out your phone.

3. Acts of Kindness Bracelets

Looking for a way to accessorize and spread positivity at the same time? A Random Act of kindness bracelet is the perfect way to do both. Kindness bracelets are cute, fashionable and an excellent chance to catch someone’s eye wherever you go.

4. Acts of Kindness Pencils

Random Acts of Kindness pencils are some of our simplest promotional products for Kindness Week, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a big impact. From school desks to home offices, everyone needs an extra pencil from time to time. Having a kindness pencil close at hand is excellent for a daily dose of inspiration.

5. Acts of Kindness Posters & Banners

Random acts of kindness posters and banners are great visuals to spread positivity in classrooms, hallways, cubicles and beyond. Kindness posters and banners can even be hung in public spaces to encourage everyone who passes to help join in kindness week and help spread inspiration 24/7.

Find Your Favorite Promotional Products for Kindness Week at NIMCO, Inc.

Show your support from February 14th to the 20th with all the fantastic promotional products for Kindness Week here at NIMCO, Inc. From stickers and keychains to bookmarks and erasers, NIMCO carries a full selection of practical and inspirational products designed to show your commitment to kindness. We even carry face masks as a reminder to spread kindness, not germs.

Along with all the great products mentioned in this list, we also carry many character-building promotionals you can hand out to your students, coworkers and community all year long to maintain the spirit of kindness. Browse our entire collection today. If you want to learn more about how you can spread kindness this year, check out for more information.

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