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The Best Awareness Promotional Products Online

At NIMCO, we aim to spread a positive message to support prevention campaigns and programs all across the nation by offering awareness promotional products online.

Schools, employers and non-profit organizations all use our promotional merchandise to educate and motivate others.

We’ve got hundreds of new and exciting promotional products online and provide an extensive line of educational materials. We also carry National Red Ribbon Week promotional items. Shop for all the awareness products you need for your organization at NIMCO.


Promotional Merchandise for Prevention Campaigns

Working closely with nationally acclaimed campaigns, we supply schools and communities with awareness products. Our materials cover topics like:

  • Dangers of Vaping: Our vaping prevention merchandise showcases the risks associated with this harmful habit.
  • Tobacco Prevention: If you haven’t started, don’t. If you have, there are smoking cessation programs that can help. We have the best promotional products online to support a smoke-free lifestyle, including tobacco and vaping prevention pamphlets.
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention: Choose from a full range of alcohol and drug prevention merchandise, like our Red Ribbon Week promotional items that aid in educating children and adults alike.
  • Violence/Bullying Prevention: Schools and social groups are facing this problem head-on, and we’re here to support you with anti-bullying promotional products.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: Testing is critical, and we offer prevention materials and fundraiser supplies to educate and spread the word about life-threatening diseases like breast cancer.
  • Fire Safety: Do you know how to prevent a fire from starting – and what to do if
    one does? We have materials that can help educate your audience.
  • Climate Change: Awareness products teach us the things everyone can do to help save the planet.
  • Character Building: Let’s put a positive spin on awareness. These unique promotional products focus on random acts of kindness.


Red Ribbon Week Promotional Items & More


Whether you’re trying to raise awareness for drug and alcohol abuse during National Red Ribbon Week or you have other issues to tackle, NIMCO can help. We specialize in customized promotional merchandise like school supplies, cups and bracelets that you can hand out at rallies and other gatherings. We also carry an extensive line of educational products to share with students, such as:

  • Displays
  • Posters
  • Curriculums
  • DVDs


Shop NIMCO for All Your Awareness Promotional Products


NIMCO has been in business since 1987, providing red promotional items for Red Ribbon Week and merchandise to those who want to spread awareness and show support. Our products are developed to present positive messages that support and encourage prevention campaigns in communities and schools.

Let us be the promotional products company for all your Red Ribbon Week, tobacco prevention and anti-vaping promotional products, along with any other awareness products you need. Or, if you’d like to start your own prevention campaign, view our customizable products section and start sharing your cause today. If you don’t see something on our site, contact us, and we’ll do our best to find it for you. Get your awareness promotional products online at NIMCO today!



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