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Our drug awareness games don’t just tell students about the dangers of alcohol and drug use — they actually show how much drug and alcohol abuse limit your abilities. For example, a game called Drugged and Distorted shows users how your drugs can impair your ability to complete basic tasks. In this game, users wear special gloves and goggles to complete basic tasks such as typing.

Some of the other substance abuse prevention games we offer include Drugs & Alcohol Free Earth Bingo, the Substance Abuse & Consequences Game, and the Drugs/Alcohol Play It Straight board game. Wheel of Misfortune: The Game of Drinks, Drugs and Choices helps players learn about various illegal substances, how to identify them and what effect they have on the body.

Other games we offer target other important issues for teens besides drug awareness, such as bullying and distracted driving. Our “Bully Free Zone in a Jar” offers ideas for dealing with bullying, whether you’re a bully, the target of a bully, or a bystander. The Distract-A-Match game and the Fatal Reaction teaching tool target distracted driving by showing how much distractions take away from our reaction time.

Using games to teach drug and alcohol abuse awareness is often more effective than a lecture. Games allow people to learn about the dangers of using drugs and have fun at the same time. And because the students are active participants, these games can make a lasting impression and emphasize the importance of making smart choices.

Shop our selection of educational games about drug and alcohol prevention, and help your students envision a drug free world!