Anatomy and Human Physiology Plastic Chart Series (on Tripod)

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Includes eleven charts and covers nine body systems: • Skeletal • Nervous • Respiratory • Urinary • Endocrine • Muscular • Cardiovascular • Digestive • Integumentary. Includes two charts which cover four of the special senses: • Sight • Hearing • Taste • Smell •Updated to current learning standards, newly illus- trated, and redesigned for better educational usability • Callouts and labels are all number-coded to a key in the corner of the chart that can be easily covered during assessment • Correlated to the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society’s Learning Outcomes for Anatomy and Physiology courses • Printed on tear-resistant synthetic stock and are mounted on a multi-chart roller system (148800-DW) or a sturdy tripod (148700-DW) • Each chart is 36” x 44’

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