Fatal Vision Single Daytime Goggle (Blood Alcohol Level .25+)

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Single Daytime Goggle Blood Alcohol Level .25+ Fatal Vision® is a best seller for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Programs


Fatal Vision® is a specially designed and manufactured pair of goggles that simulate the visual impairment caused by alcohol or other drugs.  Viewing through the goggles is rather clear, but confusing to the mind.  The wearer experiences a loss of equilibrium, which is one of the effects of intoxication.  Both the wearer and those observing are convinced that such impairment makes activities with known risks, such as driving vehicles, very dangerous.  Demonstrate how quickly impairment can turn fun into devastating consequences.  Program materials will help you put this dynamic principle into action.  Research shows that those who learn from hands-on experience retain two to four times more than those who learn from just listening or listening and seeing.  Each Pack includes: one (1) Fatal Vision® goggle & cloth bag, reproducible Student Handouts (Adult, Adolescent, Elementary, and Business versions) and 25-page Instructor’s Guide.  6th grade to Adult


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