Real Life Teens Social Media Addiction – DVD

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Real Life Teens: Social Media Addiction DVD is a great program for Red Ribbon Week or Bullying Prevention Program


One of the biggest problems facing our teens today is the addictive, pervasive effects of social media * It can lead to increased distractibility, anxiety, depression and apathy * As a direct result, they crave affirmations from their peers in the form of likes, favorites, shares, retweets, reblogs, and revines * They can even start to feel irrelevant without loads of social media attention * Teens who have trouble connecting face to face may depend on the Internet as a place where they feel understood by their peers and use it as a replacement for social interaction * While they might use social networking sites to connect with others, spending too much time on the internet can actually lead to social isolation, symptoms of depression and withdrawal from family and friends © 2015


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