The Heart as a Circulatory Pump DVD

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This informational DVD goes into detail on how the Heart works, functions and is an important part of our body. Your students will be eager to learn more about this powerful muscle that keeps us going everyday. This is great for an add on for your Anatomy Class.

The Heart as a Circulatory Pump DVD

About this product:

Poets speak of the heart as a metaphor for love, but to cardiac surgeons who bypass, repair, and sometimes transplant it.

The heart is just a piece of machinery that can be repaired or replaced.

The heart plays a dominant role in the human body, although it is only one part of a complex system.

This program shows how the heart functions as the engine of a system whose work is essential to the existence of human life.

Jr. High – Adult

28 minutes


This DVD is also apart of a Complete Series that consists of 39 different titles (FFH-4154-DVD)


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