Why? The Psychological Triggers of Tobacco – DVD

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Why? The Psychological Tirggers of Tobacco DVD is a great Tobacco Prevention program for Great American Smoke-Out or Red Ribbon Week


Confronts teens and pre-teens with the vexing question, "Why do so many students take up smoking when they know that cigarettes kill?" Education has succeeded in making youngsters understand that tobacco is an addictive, cancer-causing drug, but somehow that hasn't been sufficient to get teens to avoid experimentation.  Explains some of the illogical reasons that teens continue to turn to smoking as a part of their search for self-identity: cigarette advertising, the quest for a "cool" image, youngsters' belief in immortality, and peer pressure.  Includes a smoking susceptibility test which helps teens realize who among them is at greatest risk.  Award winner.  27 min.  Grade 7-Adult

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