Arteries: Highways of the Body DVD

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Informational DVD that will show your students how our Arteries work in our body. Great presentation for your Anatomy or Health Class that will explain in great detail the function of the Arteries.

Arteries: Highways of the Body DVD

About this program:

The life of the larger and more complex organs depends on the existence of a  system for transporting and distributing blood.

The function of the arteries—a series of tubes of varying sizes—

is to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the capillaries, where they are exchanged for waste products.

If the functioning of the major arteries is disturbed, it may result in the death of cells and perhaps the entire network.

This program shows how arteriosclerosis can be slowed, prevented, and surgically treated.

Jr High – Adult

28 minutes


This DVD is also apart of a Complete Series that consists of 39 different titles (FFH-4154-DVD)




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