Biological Rhythms – DVD

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This DVD will go in to detail on to see if everyone runs on the same Biological Rhythm. Very insightful for your students to help them learn more about the bodies rhythms and if everyone’s is the same. Great for your Anatomy lesson.

 Biological Rhythms DVD

About this product:

The change from night to day, from season to season, from time zone to time zone—all of these affect people to a greater or lesser extent because they all create alterations in body rhythm.

This program seeks to determine whether everyone has the same biological rhythm

what can be learned from people whose work shifts are frequently altered

how the mother’s heartbeat affects the fetus

and the effect of the emotions on body rhythms.

Jr. High – Adult

28 minutes


This DVD is also apart of a Complete Series that consists of 39 different titles (FFH-4154-DVD)


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