Cocaine & Crack: A Craving for More (35 min. DVD)


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Cocaine & Crack: A Craving for More DVD informs students during Red Ribbon Week


This program is an examination of the powerful stimulant cocaine and its smokable form crack.  The program looks at cocaine's effect on the body's energy supplies and the reward reinforcement center, the neurochemical effects of chronic and high-dose use, the reasons compulsion and addiction develop, and treatment strategies when users want to recover.  Shows how cocaine triggers a rush, euphoria, and increased energy that can just a quickly give way to anger, exhaustion, unwanted fetal effects, cardiovascular impairment, and intense craving that leads to compulsive use.  Precise computer animation of neurochemical processes in the brain, compelling interviews with practicing and recovering cocaine abusers, and excerpts from powerful treatment and group sessions gives a comprehensive view of the physical, mental, emotional, and societal ramifications of cocaine use.  35 min. DVD.  High School-Adult


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