Healing Adult Children – 5 DVD Series – Save $125

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Healing Adult Children Series DVD covers various topics for Red Ribbon Week or Violence Prevention Program


Featuring Art Linkletter, John Bradshaw, & various interview subjects proposes that who we are today is dependent upon the families that we came from, with behaviors, thoughts, feelings, & degree's of violence that was learned from those families.  That the dysfunction learned with be passed down generationally, without healing.  Explores the roots of violence in relationship to family damage & dysfunction.  Healing is done through acceptance of reality, grieving the losses, change through cessation of reactive behaviors, taking active steps toward recovery. Includes 5 DVDs: A Child's View of the World Vol. 1, Children of Addiction Vol. 2, Children of Violence Vol. 3, Children of Neglect Vol. 4, and The Perfect Child Vol. 5.


To Purchase Individual Titles Click Links Below:

A Child's View of the World Vol. 1 (NIM-144-21-DVDW)

Children of Addiction Vol. 2 (NIM-144-22-DVDW)

Children of Violence Vol. 3 (NIM-144-23-DVDW)

Childrend of Neglect Vol. 4 (NIM-144-24-DVDW)

The Perfect Child Vol. 5 (NIM-144-25-DVDW)


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