Stop Bullying with Mike Hall DVD

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Stop Bullying with Mike Hall DVD is a great program for Bully Prevention Program or Red Ribbon Week


• It’s impossible to perform well in school if you’re being verbally and sometimes physically assulted in the hallways, or attacked through social media • It’s impossible to concentrate on schoolwork, friendships, activities and family if your self-esteem is shot • And no one can grow while being hounded by fear • So join Mike Hall, a former victim of bullying himself and now a nationally sought-after expert in the field, as he explains The Bully, the Target, and How We React • Most importantly, Mike walks you through “The 4 C’s of How to Handle a Bully”: • Remain Calm • Get Connected (by making Friends) • Be Confident • Learn to Compliment the Bully • Also includes brief interviews with dozens of all kinds of backgrounds on the subject of bullies and bullying • 22 mins. • © 2014

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