Drunk Busters Low Level BAC Nightime Goggles (.06 to .08)

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Low Level Nighttime Goggles (.06 to .08) is a best seller for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


Drunk Busters Low Level BAC Nighttime Goggles simulate a BAC Level of .06 to .08.Shows effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgment and decision making, and lack of muscular coordination. For the “average” person consuming alcohol under “average” circumstances, the Drunk Busters Low Level BAC Goggles represent a BAC level of approximately .06 – .08. These goggles are being used throughout the United States and in 65 different countries. Designed by a veteran law enforcement officer. As seen on Anderson Cooper Show. Wipeout. True TV and I Survived a Japanese Game Show. Each goggle includes a cloth carrying bag.


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