Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain DVD

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Getting Stupid: How Drugs Damage Your Brain DVD informs students for Red Ribbon Week


• Utilized for training by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

• Presents to middle schoolers the latest scientific information on how alcohol, marijuana, inhalants and other drugs cause serious and potentially permanent damage to the human brain

• Includes interviews with scientists who use actual brain scans of drug users to explain how the brain’s chemistry is harmed by drugs

• Hi-tech images of the human brain make the evidence compelling and memorable

• Students will clearly see those areas of the brain that are impacted, such as the hippocampus, blood vessels and nerve cells

• The long and short-term effects of drug use are explained in a way that young viewers can understand

• Special attention is focused on the damage caused when teens drink alcohol

• Although legal for those over 21, alcohol is still a very potent and potentially harmful drug

• New research has demonstrated that the ability to do common thinking tasks is seriously compromised in the still developing brains of teenagers who drink alcohol

• Delivers an urgent wake-up call to viewers who may not be aware of the real dangers of how taking drugs can damage the brain

• AWARDS: Honorable Mention from the Columbus International Film & Video Festival

• Includes:  Teacher’s resource book DVD, which includes interactive quizzes, additional VHS segments, easy chapter references, graphics, music, teacher’s resource book and student handouts

• Grades 6-8


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