Stickers: Sticker Reward Challenge-Classpack – Set of 64

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32 Sticker Challenge Sheets

32 Sticker Sheets (15 stickers per sheet)

Perfect way for your child or student to see their progress toward a goal after completing a task


Encourage the successful completion of tasks as children make their way to an exciting reward! Used in the classroom, students could receive a sticker for homework completed, good behavior or other benchmarks. At home, they might be motivated to complete chores or listen to mom and dad! When the last sticker is placed, they might get to choose a prize from a reward bin or get another fun bonus, like extra recess time or a family movie night. Includes 32 sticker sheets and 32 sticker challenge sheets. Cardstock. (15 stickers per sticker sheet) 6 1/4″ – 11 1/4″ x 9″ – 10″ © Oriental Trading Company


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