Texting & Driving: The Deadliest Distraction DVD


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The shocking stats are a wake-up call for all teens—drivers and passengers alike. Driving while texting kills 3,000 teens each year and injures 330,000 more * Half of all teen drivers admit to texting while driving, that’s the equivalent of driving blind for five seconds at a time * Factor in the speed of a moving vehicle and inexperienced drivers and you can begin to understand the scope of the problem and why it kills so many kids * Texting is the preferred communication form for teens, averaging tens of thousands of texts per month * Teens mistakenly believe that it’s okay to text and drive because it is easy and quick * They do not understand the true dangers * This program clearly explains the dangers, presents the facts and stats, and teaches teens to put the brakes on texting and driving * Includes: video, plus teacher’s resource book, student handouts and pre/post tests in digital format * 17 mins * Grades: 7-College