The 4 Types of Bullying – Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, Online – DVD

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The 4 Types of Bullying – Physical, Verbal, Exclusion, Online DVD is a great program for Red Ribbon Week or Bullying Prevention Program


This program shows students the many ways to prevent bullying through compelling and captivating sketches and anti-bullying storylines using real teens – Includes an online resource guide, the Anti-Bullying Pledge, learning objectives, discussion topics and how students can take a stand. PROGRAM CONTENT & STUDENT DISCUSSION INCLUDES: * The many forms of bullying * Cyber bullying * Physical bullying * Emotional bullying * Verbal bullying * Cliques * Exclusion * Friendship manipulation * Overcoming labels * Judging by appearance * Embrace differences * How to stop untrue or harmful messages from spreading * The bullying policy at school * How to use the Anti-Bullying Pledge © 2015

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