The Sense of Touch DVD

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Informational DVD that shares information with your students on how the Sense of Touch works with our body.

This DVD would be a great add on to your Anatomy or Healthcare lessons.

What a great way to show your students how touch functions and how it reacts to stimuli.

The Sense of Touch DVD

About this product:

Looks at the different ways in which humans receive information from the environment.

What kinds of information are imperceptible because we have no receptors for them.

It examines whether some people are more receptive to information than others,

how touch functions,

why and how we feel hot and cold,

what happens to human information processing if a major sense, like sight, is lost.

This program will also demonstrates experimentally how different parts of the body react to stimuli.

Jr High – Adult

28 minutes


This DVD is also apart of a Complete Series that consists of 39 different titles ( FFH-4154-DVD )


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