Understanding the Skeletal System – DVD

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The Skeletal System DVD is a great add on to your Anatomy Class. This DVD will help your students understand the different parts of the Skeletal System. It will show your students the different types of bones and how they work for our bodies. This DVD is approximately 30 minutes long.

Understanding the Skeletal System

About the product:

Using 3-D animation along with the insight of Dr. David Gerstman, this program will distinguish between the different types of bones and gives an understanding of the skeletal system

The five basic functions of bony tissue are discussed along with explanations of: Osteoblasts, Osteocytes, and Osteoclasts, Major bones of upper and lower extremities reexamined

Grades High School – College


Approximately 30 minutes

This DVD is also in a Complete Set which consist of 15  different DVD’s (NIM-1200-16-30D)

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