Understanding the Special Senses – DVD

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The Special Senses DVD will show your students how each of the senses work within our body. The program is a great addition to any Anatomy Class and will have your students eager to see how it all works. The program is jammed packed with 3-D graphics with insightful information with Dr. David Gerstman.

Understanding The Special Senses DVD

About the program:

Using 3-D animation along with the insight of Dr. David Gerstman, this program will discuss and emphasize on each sensory receptor

* Vision and the eye ball, Hearing, Smell and Taste are covered with special importance

* The process of refraction is discussed along with structural characteristics of the taste receptors and olfactory epithelium

* Grades High School – College


Approximately 30 minutes

The DVD is in a Complete Set that consists of 15 different DVD’s (NIM-1200-21-DVD)

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