Deluxe Demonstration Skull, 10-part with Display Case

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Exceptional quality • Skullcap is removable and base of skull is midsagitally divided • Frontal sinus, perpendicular lamina and vomer are fitted with flaps which can be opened to view the lateral nose wall and sphenoidal sinus • Left half, the temporal bone can be removed and folded up in the area of the tympanic membrane • Maxilla and mandible are opened to reveal the alveolar nerves • Right side, the temporal bone is opened to reveal the sigmoid sinus, the facial nerve canal and the semicircular ducts • Additional flaps are located at the maxillary sinus and the right half of the mandible, so that the dental roots of the premolars and molars of the lower jaw can also be viewed • Natural occlusion and the individual removal and replacement of each tooth also make this skull especially interesting for dentists • WORLDDIDAC AWARD • Comes with Display Case (48x39x36 cm) or without (28×22.5×18.5cm) 

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