Life-Size Dual Sex European Muscular Figure, 39-Part

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• Represents a wide variety of human anatomical structures in accurate detail

• Especially suitable for the high demands of medical school
• The right half shows the skin, the left half the superficial and more profound muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures
• Includes the ANATOMYtrainer™ and MUSCLEtrainer™ study programs on CD-Rom
• CD-Rom with illustrations and descriptions of the individual structures
• Chest/abdominal wall with detachable mammary gland
• Brain half • Sternocleidomastoideus muscle
• 6-part muscle arm • 5-part upper leg
• 2-part lower leg • 2-part head
• Torso body with skin arm and leg • 2 lung halves
• 2-part heart • Liver with gall bladder
• 2-part stomach • Half-kidney
• 4-part intestine set • 3-part female genital insert with embryo
• 4-part male genital insert • Wooden roller base
• Assembly instructions • Size: 174” x 74” x 70 cm
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