Project Drug Free-Reaching for the Stars Curriculum (Grades K-3)

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Project Drug Free Grades K-3 Curriculum is an effective program that is great for Red Ribbon Week


Rationale for this program: Children in grades K-3 have limited knowledge about drugs.  It's vital to set a foundation for future drug prevention efforts.  Exposure to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco may be occurring in the home.  Classroom reinforcement is essential for developing drug-free values.  What Does the Curriculum Cover?  Focuses on alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, & other drugs.  Distinguishes between medicines & illegal drugs.  Consequences of drug use including dependency.  Parent and community involvement.  Good health practices & self-confidence.  Acceptance of the difference in others.  Importance of family and how families diffe.  Problem solving and decision making skills.  Includes: 8 lessons with 5 or more activities, reproducible parent-involved activities, reproducible student activities, additional resources, teacher evaluations.  Great curriculum for Red Ribbon Week.


Part of the Project Drug Free K-12 Curriculums (NIM-131-1-4-CW) Click Here

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