Sam the Super Skeleton with Pelvic Mounted Roller Stand Model

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This top of the line version contains all the features you have come to expect in a skeleton with the addition of a fully flexible vertebral column, which allows movement into all natural human postures * You can also demonstrate all movements fo the neck joints * The combination of muscle origins and attachments, numbered bones, flexible joint ligaments and an intervertebral disc prolapse (L3-L4) combine to display over 600 items of medical/anatomical interest * European design and craftsmanship * Hand assembly and finishing * Durable, unbreakable plastic construction * Full Height 5′ 6″/170 cm * 600+ hand-numbered and identified structures * Hand painted muscle origin/insertion points * Improved flexibly molded rubber ligaments * Flexible spine * 3-part articulated skills * Individually spaced and molded teeth * Easily removable limbs for in-depth study * Fully articulated hands and feet * Rolling Stand included * Full 3 year warranty * Dust cover * 5-arm roller base

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