School Nutrition Health Fair Kit

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Educate students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders about the changes to school meals while encouraging healthy food choices with the Foodservice Health Fair Kit * This complete kit contains everything needed for a fun, easy, and successful health fair display with 1600 takeaways *
HANDOUTS (50 copies/set)
2 Sets Smart Snacks in School
2 Sets USDA Kids MyPlate
2 Sets Catch a Rainbow
2 Sets Build a Balanced Breakfast BOOKMARKS
1 Pack Fruit and Veggie Challenge (100/pk)
1 Pack Active Kids MyPlate (100/pk)
2 Packs Fruit & Vegetable Ruler (50/pk)
2 Packs Breakfast (50/pk)

1 Set Breakfast Basics
1 Set Healthy Snacking
1 Set Sugar Shockers
1 Set Food Allergies
+1 Four Pocket Brochure Holder POSTERS
1 Build Your Tray
1 Build A Balanced Breakfast
1 Veggie Rainbow
1 School Breakfast Benefits
+1 Tabletop Poster Display

STICKERS (200/roll)
1 Roll Foodscapes™
1 Roll I Tried It
1 Roll School Breakfast Benefits BANNERS
1 1 Terrific Tray™ Vinyl Banner w/ Stand
1 Breakfast Vinyl Banner

Tattoos (200/set)
1 Set Garden Heroes © 2014

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