Understanding the Skin – DVD

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The Skin DVD will help your students how the system works. The DVD is full of insight from Dr. David Gerstman and full of 3-D animation and enhanced graphics. This DVD is approximately 30 minutes long and a great add on to your Anatomy class.

Understanding the Skin DVD

About this product:

Using 3-D animation along with the insight of Dr. David Gerstman, this program will discuss the epidermis and each sublayer of the dermis

Accessory organs such as: Hair follicles, Sweat Glands, Cutaneous sensory organs for heat ,cold, pressure, and pain, are each described extensively

Wound healing and tissue repair are also discussed

Grades High School – College


Approximately 30 minutes

This DVD is also in a Complete Set which consist of 15 different DVD’s (NIM-1200-16-30D)

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