Alcohol Awareness-Reaching for the Stars Curriculum (Grades 4-6)

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Project Alcohol Free Grades 4-6 Curriculum is an effective program that is great for Red Ribbon Week or Alcohol Prevention Program


Rationale for this program: Anti-alcohol attitudes and life skills must be strong before children enter middle school or junior high.  Children are already learning misinformation about alcohol at this age.  Belonging to a group and being accepted by peers are most important.  Children must learn they can keep their individuality and still belong.  What Does the Curriculum Cover?  Clearly defines alcoholism.  Effects of alcohol on the impairment to function properly when operating an automobile or machinery.  Alcoholism in the family.  What it means to be alcohol free.  Peer pressure and social drinking.  Decision-making skills.  Problem-solving skills.  Qualities of healthy relationships.  Strategies for coping with stress.  Additional resources, teacher's evaluations, and more.  Great curriculum for Red Ribbon Week or any Alcohol Prevention campaign.


Part of the Project Alcohol Free K-12 Curriculums (NIM-131-5-8-CW) Click Here

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