Deluxe Muscle Torso with 31 Parts!

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Our Deluxe Series contains our most advanced torsos offering uncompromising quality and a high degree of detail. The addition of partial musculature to this series makes these torsos highly versatile and suitable for teaching more advanced anatomy concepts. In addition, these torsos all demonstrate the male and female reproductive systems including a three-month fetus correctly positioned in the uterus. Features common to our Deluxe Series include: 20 or more removable parts offering an exceptional level of detail * Removable heads (2-part, 3-part or 6-part) * 2-part removable hearts * 2 removable lungs (some showing ribs) * Removable stomachs (1-part or 2-part) * Removable liver with gall bladder * Removable GI tracts (2-part or 4-part) * Removable kidney half * Interchangeable male, female and pregnant reproductive inserts * Up to 75% musculature * Super Muscle Torso with 31 Parts! * This deluxe torso offers the greatest number of features and the finest detail in our line * In addition to showing deep and superficial musculature, two major muscles are removable for individual study. View the vertebrae, spinal cord, spinal nerves and vertebral arteries * You can even dissect the male and female genital organs, discover the inner structures of the human brain and much more! * Comes with 3B Torso Teaching Guide * The B40 features the following 30 removable parts offering an exceptional level of detail: 6-part head with 4-part brain * 7th thoracic vertebra * 2-part heart * 2 lungs * 2-part stomach * Liver with gall bladder * 4-part GI tract * Front kidney half * 4-part male genital insert * 3-part pregnant female inserts * Thorax cover with 75% exposed * Musculature * Mammary gland * M. gluteus and M. deltoideus

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